0101 Vintage Label Narrow Tapered Jeans (Button Fly) [size 28-36]

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Material Zimbabwe cotton100%
Country of origin Japan
Features Button fly OW finish

0101 * Original button fly specification.

The rise is a little shallow, and a narrow straight with a strong taper toward the hem.
A tight-looking silhouette with a little room around the waist.

Placket: Button

Uses "Kibata" denim that has not been subjected to shrink-prevention processing, kinking correction processing, shampooing, etc. (VINTAGE LABLE only)

6th-count ultra-high-density 15.7oz denim in Zimbabwe cotton, dyed the most intense in the world,
It has the softness of wearing ultra-long cotton and the ruggedness of denim.
Indigo special dark colored fabric that keeps the whiteness of the core can enjoy Atari with a sharp drop in shade.

The unevenness that is possible only because of the super long cotton does not drop too long, which is unique to heavy ounces. You can enjoy the natural vertical drop created by the length and length of the thin parts.

The product is one wash finish.

【Please be careful】
This product uses the traditional weaving fabric that has not been processed as described above.
No kinking treatment has been applied, so as you wear it, it will be twisted in the right direction along the twill, but please enjoy it as a fabric specification.
In addition, the dimensions may not be as specified because the individual differences are severe.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Approximately 20 types of yarn, such as cotton yarn and core yarn yarn (a cotton yarn wound around a polyester core), are used depending on the location.

[First wear image]
Model: height 170cm weight 65kg
Pants: 32inch

* This HP product is shared with the actual store inventory.
Please forgive when there is a selling difference by timing.
Also, there may be a slight color difference from the actual product depending on the setting of the monitor.
Please acknowledge it beforehand.

More Information
Item Number 0101
Rise Normal
Thigh Semi-Tight
Hip Tight
Hem Tight
Roughness Soft
Material Zimbabwe Cotton
Fabric Weight 15.7oz
Stretch Non-Stretch
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