“Vintage Label Jeans”
Uncompromising thing could fascinate people.
This Vintage series is reminiscent of the past.

Let's see what this series is.





These Jeans are sewn using 15.7oz Zimbabwe cotton fabric which a thread 
(yarn court of No6) is used. 15.7oz jeans are clearly categorized to 
heavyweight jeans, thick and durable. Same as other labels, this Zimbabwe
cotton is soft and elastic, it is going to fit to your body gradually. As this
denim is dyed with indigo which is the darkest color ever in the world, its
fading would attract you. Comparing the dark parts and faded parts, you
could see the sharp contrast.



The most notable feature of this Vintage series is the fabric which is
NOT “Sanforized” that means “Shrink-to-fit”. We use the
unprocessed fabric, it is called “Kibata” in Japanese.
Since this is an unsanforized denim, it must shrink more than other
series actually. So, we have to consider a shrink length. And this
old-established fabric would age and change quirkily, because of no
skew prevention and no shrink proofing.
One-wash process is done, so you don’t worry about a shrinkage for
waist. A part of waist does not shrink in the wash.
The fading is also special. This denim is coarsely-woven with an
old-fashioned power loom, the fabric would have a unique texture
and softness. It creates more defined fades.


A patch is made from sheepskin leather same as Going to Battle series, it's 
a shrink-proof leather. A sheepskin leather is very supple. The Momotaro 
artwork foil stamped on a patch is going to be more charming, it definitely
looks great from the back.




Going to Battle series has a stripe paint, Copper series has a peach stitch.
On the other hand, the pocket of Vintage series is plain. Plain pocket
clearly shows the changes.
Textures and fades will be symbols for this series. While you put
something in the pocket, it fades following its shape.





The rise is neither too short nor too long, and the hips are neither too big
nor too small.
And it is moderately tapered.
This is a fit that will look good on any body type


The rise is semi short and the hips are semi small and thighs is semi tight.
Because it is a STRAIGHT type, it is not tapered.
These jeans are simple looking and stylish.


Moderately semi short rise and moderately semi small hips.
Straight type and not thin hem, so it goes well with boots. It goes well with
any shoes.
It is a standard fit that you will never get tired of.

This is the most WIDE type of our fit.
It is a classic straight fit with a long rise. It has a slight taper. It is a straight
type like vintage.
The overall fit is loose and stress-free, so you can wear it every day.