Momotaro Jeans, Life Style 



Model: @theurbanhippieswe
Photographer: @Streetphotomoffe 



---What is your profession?---

I used to work as a copywriter at an advertising agency but am now retired.
Instead, I'm an independent influencer. It's a lifestyle. Make no money on it.

Momotaro Jeans, Life Style





---What is your best hobby?---

My hobby is heritage style and denim. Also likes to read biographies and non-fiction books.


---How is the best way to spend your holidays?---

On holidays, I prefer to go to big cities like London, Paris, Berlin, and Tokyo. I'm an urban person.
Get inspired by trends and impressions in the big cities.



Momotaro Jeans, Life Style


JACKET: 1105SP  


---Are the Momotaro compatible with your hobby?---

Yes, Momotaro fits in well with my hobby. Well-made clothes.
I'm impressed with the Japanese sense of style and craftsmanship.

---Which MOMOTARO products do you have?---

Right now I have two denim jackets and two shirts from Momotaro. I also owned a pair of jeans.




Momotaro Jeans, Life Style  


JACKET: MJ2103  


---How did you meet MOMOTARO? And what is the first impression for us?---

My first impression of Momotaro was in the Meadow store in my hometown Malmö.
Meadow offers many Japanese brands and is big on Momotaro.



Momotaro Jeans, Life Style 



---Which point is your favorite of MOMOTARO?---

I am very fond of my new denim jacket from Momotaro. Type one. It fits well and has the right details.



Momotaro Jeans, Life Style 




---Is there anything you would like to do in the future wearing Momotaro?---

I am constantly on the lookout for news from Momotaro. It is likely that I will get more garments from Momotaro.



---Ex. Planning to visit Asia country to spend holidays with Momotaro---

I hope to come to Japan more times even if it is a long journey.
Last time I visited CC Show In Yokohama and it was a nice experience.
Would also like to go to Seoul in South Korea.



Momotaro Jeans, Life Style


JACKET: 1105SP  


---How do you feel when you wear MOMOTARO?---

I thrive in clothes from Momotaro. Good fit and high quality.


  ---What is your particular about your fashion and style? In a word?---  

A nice feeling.



---Why you are loving denim items? (Not only about Momotaro)---

Denim is a living material that only gets cooler with age.