SZ002 Denim Deodorant Spray

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Country of origin Japan
Features Unscented


An unscented deodorant spray with active ingredients polymerized so as not to impair the intrinsic properties of the fiber.
Aims only at bad odor substances without disturbing indigo discoloration and deodorizes unpleasant odors.

By absorbing the odor-causing substance attached to the fiber at the molecular level, it also has a deodorizing effect, making it difficult to reproduce unpleasant odors, and is more effective than conventional deodorants.
Since the substance causing the odor is selectively adsorbed, the cause of the odor is quickly and accurately removed.
※ We use food additive grade alcohol preparation to increase volatility.
Alcohol smells immediately after use, but does not cause any abnormality in the substance used.

≪How to use≫
Turn over the jeans and spray evenly over the entire body.
Let it dry for a while (turned over).

※ We aim at deodorization to the last.
If the dirt is heavy, please do normal washing.

● Do not use on leather products, silk products, fur products, rayon products, Japanese clothing, etc.

● Before using the product with the indication that it cannot be washed, the one that has been waterproofed, and the one that is worried about spots, use it in a place that is not noticeable beforehand.

● Do not use directly on water-sensitive items, furniture, wood products, and metal products.

● This product is sold in single units.

* This HP product is shared with the actual store inventory.
Please forgive when there is a selling difference by timing.
Also, there may be a slight color difference from the actual product depending on the setting of the monitor.
Please acknowledge it beforehand.

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