Have you ever heard of Silver Label, a high-end label of MOMOTARO JEANS?

There are two types of Silver Label.

Jeans whose weft is woven with natural indigo yarn

Jeans whose weft is woven with silk yarn 


On this page, we will introduce silk jeans.

The jeans are made of silk yarn.

These jeans are very rare and precious.


The material used is

Zimbabwe cotton rope-dyed indigo yarn for the warp

Silk yarn is used for the weft.

The denim is slowly woven on a shuttle loom (old-style power loom).

14.5 oz denim fabric is used.


It has a very smooth texture that only silk can provide. 

Very soft to the touch!


Silver925 Top Button

The top button is engraved with MOMOTATO in Japanese Kanji. Silver925 is used

for the top button. It is very rare to use expensive Silver 925 for jeans.

This top button will look even cooler when it is FADE along with the jeans.


Cow nubuck leather patch

Cow nubuck leather patch is used.

The MOMOTARO logo is foil stamped in silver.

So, the combination of cow nubuck leather and silver foil stamping gives it a high

quality look.


Original Tag and Original jacquard pocket lining

Original "KAMON" jacquard pocket lining, a familiar feature of MOMOTARO


Check out the tag on it.

This is a special tag that is only attached to the Silver Label.

The sunrise in Kojima, Okayama Prefecture, where the jeans are produced, is

shown on the tag.

Silk Touch

These jeans are denim with silk used in the weft, so the silk will appear on the
back of the fabric where it touches the skin.

Silk is commonly used for sleepwear.

The reason for this is that silk has higher moisture absorption and quick-drying
properties than cotton.

Therefore, you can wear them comfortably even in the season when you sweat.


How many days a year do you wear jeans?

Maybe you spend a lot of days in jeans.

If that's the case, it's better to wear jeans that are comfortable.

These jeans are sure to make your days more comfortable and enjoyable.


Silk jeans are offered in four different fits.

Of these, I recommend the Narrow Tapered, a fit that was newly introduced in


G004-SL G007-SL G010-SL G0605-SL