Let's put your favorite words on jeans.

We have started a laser engraving service that allows you to engrave your favorite phrase on denim.

About “Laser Finish”

“Laser Finish” is a laser engraving customization service of a phrase onto your denim jeans or jacket. 

You can choose to have this customization upon making the purchase.

You can have anything from your name, favourite quotes, anniversary date, your loved one's name as a gift, or even the date of purchase engraved on your favourite denim!

How it's engraved?

The phrase is generated with an intense beam coming from the laser.

Check out the video below on how it is actually done.


How to redeem your Laser Engraved Finishing?

Step 1: Purchase your favorite denim jeans or denim jackets from the following product categories: 

· Men's Jeans

· Women's Jeans 

· Denim Jackets

Step 2: Add the following item to the cart together with the selected item:


Select your preferred font type and fill in texts then click "Add to Cart".

Step 3: Complete the purchase at checkout.


· The size of the printed letters may vary based on:

 - The size of the denim jacket or jeans

 - The number of text characters

· Letter printing service is not available for shorts and work pants.


Denim jackets are available for the following items:

15.7oz Zimbabwe Cotton
Going to Battle (GTB)
Denim Jacket
15.7oz Zimbabwe Cotton
Denim Going to Battle
(GTB) Jacket
15.7oz Zimbabwe Cotton
Denim Going to Battle
(GTB) Jacket
14.7oz Deep Colored
Copper Label Double
Pocket Jacket
1105SP 2105SP 3105SP MJ2103
Selvedge Denim Jacket
15.7oz Zimbabwe Cotton Denim
Going to Battle (GTB)
Back Embroidery Jacket
15.7oz Zimbabwe Cotton Denim
Going to Battle (GTB)
Women's Jacket
2105-14SP3 2103-AI 2105SP-2 2105LA

Where will the text positioned?

Choose a font design.

You can choose a font from the product page.

Please choose from two types of fonts.

Let's get your own special denim!

・No returns,exchanges or cancellations are allowed.

・The text can be placed only in the specified position on the specified jeans and denim jacket.

・Please allow 3 weeks from order to shipment.

・You can't put paint on a pair of jeans you already own.