Introducing authentic Japanese denim items that can be enjoyed by women, such as relaxed pants or skirts with a breeze, lightweight one-piece garments that can also be used as outerwear, and men's jeans that offer comfort.
These versatile pieces can be worn now and cherished for a long time, showcasing the craftsmanship of Japan-made denim.


These skirt-style pants are crafted with a gentle tension, using 12-ounce denim, providing a lightweight and soft wearing experience. When viewed from the front, they resemble wide-legged culottes, but from the back, they transform into a skirt, offering a unique twist in the desian.

The relaxed silhouette allows for unrestricted movement, making them perfect for active wear. The waist is elasticized for added comfort. With slit pockets on the sides and two back pockets, these pants combine a sense of relaxation with practicality.

Model: 165cm / S
Lot No.: SK0105


A loosely woven 12-ounce denim wrap skirt with a relaxed vibe and a soft tension. It features a longer length and a comfortable silhouette. The front is designed with buttons for closure, similar to the jeans from the GTB LABEL collection.

Inspired by the 5-pocket jeans, this skirt incorporates the same buttons, rivets, and leather patch for a unique design that is both practical and stylish. With its numerous pockets, it offers great utility. This item exudes a casual vibe while still embodying femininity.

Model: 165cm / S
Item: 12-ounce GTB Ladies Denim Wrap Skirt
Lot No.: SK0103-2


This is a lightweight one-piece dress with a slight A-line silhouette, crafted from 8-ounce slub denim. The waist is subtly cinched, giving it a feminine touch. The light weight of the fabric ensures a comfortable wearing experience.

The dress is versatile, as you can wear it like a shirt coat by leaving the buttons open. For a stylish accent, you can also roll up the sleeves lightly. It’s a perfect choice for shielding yourself from the summer sun while staying fashionable.

Model: 165cm / S
Item: 8-ounce GTB Denim Dress
Lot No.: SK0104


"These women's jeans are designed to provide the perfect balance between appearance and comfort, making them suitable for all seasons. They offer the authentic feel of traditional jeans but with a lightweight touch, tailored specifically for women.

With a 13-ounce deep indigo blue denim, these jeans are ideal even for hot weather, ensuring a casual and easy-going look. The waist area has a slight allowance for comfort, and the rise is neither too shallow nor too deep, resulting in a tapered and slim silhouette that complements any outfit effortlessly.

Model: 165cm / 27in.
Item: 13-ounce GTB Ladies Regurlar Rise Tight Straight Zipper Fly
Lot No.: 5005-13SP


These classic straight jeans are made from a rich 14.7-ounce deep indigo blue denim. The generously cut straight silhouette offers a contemporary touch reminiscent of a boyfriend style. The pattern includes a deep rise that wraps around the waist area for ease of movement and a reassuringly comfortable fit.

The back pockets feature a simple stitch design inspired by peaches, making them suitable for both polished and casual looks. These jeans are highly recommended for women, as they can be worn in various styles and occasions.

Model: 165cm / 28in.
Item: Copper Label Deep Indigo Classic Straght Zipper Fly
Lot No.: G019-MZ


These are mid-straight jeans made from a robust 15.7-ounce deep indigo blue denim, providing a heavy and substantial feel when worn. The deep rise and slightly wider straight leg with a tapered finish offer both comfort and ease of movement, ensuring a sense of security while wearing them.

You can style these jeans in a cool and masculine way for a men's fashion-inspired look, or pair them with feminine items for a more graceful and feminine appearance. Thanks to the simplicity of the denim material, they blend seamlessly with various outfits.

Model: 165cm / 28in.
Item: GTB Middle Straght Zipper Fly
Lot No.: 1006SPZ

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