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DOBBY is the name of a fabric woven on a loom called a dobby loom, or a type of weaving technique. Dobby looms have the feature of being able to make a regular, continuous pattern appear on the fabric. Like the knitted pattern of knitwear, the fabric itself becomes uneven. The appeal of this fabric is that it has a texture that does not have an inorganic look. It has a look similar to that of sashiko, but it is rather sleek.

ID - Indigo
Indigo dobby fabric with a rough texture. The roughness and softness are well balanced. The uneven areas on the surface of the fabric fade relatively quickly, and the color fades as if it were grainy.
Indigo dye may transfer. Please be careful when washing and coordinating with light-colored clothes.

OD - Olive Drab
Original dobby fabric dyed from the yarn. The warp and weft yarns are dyed in different shades of color to create an uneven texture.
Since reactive dyes are applied to the core of the yarn, the color is more resistant to fading than indigo dyeing.

The one-ply tailoring with a voluminous body and sleeve width makes it an easy-to-use outer garment that can be worn with any inner layer. The M-51 military jacket, which was used as a mod coat, was reconstructed from Momotaro Jeans' perspective.
While utilizing the original large silhouette, the overall pattern has been smartly arranged.

Other details
- Four pockets on the body: two regular pockets and two pockets with a flap.
- One-layered, unlined construction.
- Zipper flap on front closure..
- Neck strap with toggle button.
- Soft, voluminous hood.

One washed

Height: 5'7" / 172cm
Weight: 141lb / 64kg
Size: M

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External composition:Cotton100

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Material Cotton100%
Item Number MJK1010M31
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