We have released LIMITED JEANS for this WEB SITE.

Limited to 45 pairs.

LIMITED JEANS are available on a first come, first-served basis

Cotton Material

・100% Zimbabwe cotton sanforized denim

・Original blue indigo dyed

・Original peach selvedge denim

・One washed

Use 14.7 ounce denim using Zimbabwe cotton 6.5 count yarn. The fabric which reproduced the indigo blue color of pure domestic jeans which was born about 40 years ago from now will fall to a refreshing blue taste suitable for calling "blue jeans".

Because it is super long cotton, the possible unevenness feeling is not overly flashy vertical distinctive of heavy ounces, you can taste the natural vertical odor which is brewed out by the small part and the length.

"Twist prevention processing" and "Weak wool grinding" were carried out, the product of shrinkable processing denim product One washish finish.

COPPER (Peach Stitch) on The Right Pocket

Momotaro Friends Going To Battle (GTB) on Left Pocket


・Slim Fit Tapered

・Low rise

・Slim thigh

・Slim hip

・Narrow hem