The symbol of MOMOTARO, GTB, is embroidered.



The symbol of MOMOTARO, GTB, is embroidered.
This embroidery uses indigo thread, which is generally used for the warp of denim.

Two of these threads are combined to make one thread. This makes it a very strong thread.

This yarn is dyed indigo only on the outside. The inside of the yarn is not dyed.
So, just like denim, as you wash and rub it, the color will slowly fade away.
So You can enjoy the best FADE.

The type of embroidery is chain embroidery.
High-density chain embroidery is used to enhance the design and strength of the product.





The fabric is 16.5 oz textured denim
which has a strong "nep" feeling and is characterized by its unevenness.
The unevenness of the fabric makes it easier for the color to fade vertically.




The leather patch is cow leather

Please enjoy the color fading of the leather patch.