The demand for these jeans far exceeds the supply. We will have to pause pre-orders for this item until we have fulfilled all outstanding orders. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Ultimate Jeans: Taking Quality to a New Level

Why did we choose hand weaving to make this denim?

We are constantly driven to create truly outstanding denim fabrics for our customers who want to experience jeans that are genuinely different. This pursuit of something that feels real and authentic leads us to the ultimate way of making denim: making it by hand. We can make a strong and comfortable woven fabric by beating thick yarns firmly and slowly on hand loom. Denim does not get more real than this.

Power or shuttle looms cannot weave thick yarns as slowly as hands can. Every single thread is chosen by hand and woven into a fabric like no other.

We started hand-woven jeans as a challenge within our team to see if we could make our dream denim of the highest quality. And after years of trial and error, we are proud to announce that we can.

The Weaving Process

There are only a few artisans in the world who can make hand-woven denim fabric. It takes years of experience to become a capable denim weaver who knows the ancient machinery. And it takes a lot of patience to do it: This hand-woven denim takes time, the loom can weave 80cm per day, or 8cm per hour. All done by one pair of hands. 

It takes a lot of skill to master this: hand-loomed denim has to be woven continuously with the same force. This seems easy, but it is very difficult. With the wrong amount of force, the fabric will become too hard, soft, thin, thick, or of different quality in general. To get the consistency right is not just a craft, it’s an art form.  

These jeans will be of the same unrivaled quality, not matter what time of the year you buy them.

The Art of Dying

For a handwoven fabric, a normal rope dye was simply not good enough. The threads of the hand-woven jeans are hank-dyed by hand by craftsmen in natural indigo dye. Anyone who has ever touched a  kase-zome (枷染め”) fabric knows how special this is. 

This process is entirely done by hands of craftsmen –  without using any machines. A bunch of hand-picked yarn is soaked in a  "kase-tubo", filled with natural indigo dye, and taken out to be oxidized with the air. This process is repeated up to 20 times so that the yarn is soaked to its core. 

It’s a very time consuming process but it gives the yarn a unique blue color that can only be achieved this way. And this dying method is considered the best among denimheads all over the world. For our hand-woven fabric, hand-dyed yarn was the only option. 


It’s Not Efficient, so why do we keep doing it?

As you now know, producing hand-woven denim is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. It is not easy to keep this process going. However, it is the "origin" of our denim fabric manufacturing. We should not let it die out. That is how we feel. It is our obligation to keep the trade alive for as long as we can.

We live in modern times and our technology is advancing rapidly: new fabrics are coming out one after another at a high speed. It is easy to forget the origins and get used to the convenience. But we feel that we need a “lighthouse” so that we do not lose sight of the starting point of what makes a truly good fabric".

By continuing to make hand-woven denim, we make sure the lighthouse keeps shining its indigo blue light.

The Details


You may think that hand-woven denim is stiff because it is made slowly, weaving thick threads on a wooden loom. But when you actually hold them in your hands, you will be surprised how soft they are.

This denim is full of surprises, which is not all down to the fantastic quality of the fabric.

The sewing of these jeans is also of the highest quality. Only craftsmen with decades of sewing experience can sew these jeans. You can see in the pictures that every detail has been carefully sewn.

Also, we aim to make these jeans beautiful even on the inside. You won’t find any open seams: Piping and natural indigo-dyed silk fabric are used for the yoke.

This allows us to achieve the highest level of comfort.


The buttons are made of real silver. It has "青" stamped on it, meaning blue.

These jeans come with a zipper. The sewing is also finished beautifully with piping
or a premium look and feel.


Hand-woven denim, a soft and surprisingly comfortable fabric. Also, hank-dyed
dyed with natural indigo.

The yoke portion is made of natural indigo-dyed silk fabric. By using silk for the part
of the fabric that touches the skin the most when worn, you can expect comfort like
you have never experienced before.



How to Order

These hand woven jeans can be ordered with several customizations.

The following customizations are available:

・Back pocket
・In-seam length

*Hand-woven jeans are made to order and shipped 3 to 5 months after the order is received.


-You can choose from two types of patches-


It is a patch of SASHIKO fabric." It is embroidered with the words  "本藍, 手織. This
means natural indigo dyeing and hand-woven.


Indigo dyed leather patch.
This shape represents Okayama, Japan, where these jeans are produced.
And the place where the rivets are attached is our home base, Kojima.

Back pockets

-Two back pocket designs to choose from-


Stitched with a peach motif.
Natural indigo dyed thread is hand stitched without using a sewing machine.            


Plain back pocket.        


There are 8 fit to choose from.

Please check the size chart to make sure you have the correct size, as returns and exchanges are not available.

These jeans will last a lifetime. Choose the fit that is right for you.


This is the TIGHTEST type of FIT we have.

The rise is semi short and the hips are semi small. And it is tapered towards the hem.

The fit is like skinny jeans.We recommend that you buy a size 1 inch larger than usual.


The rise is neither too short nor too long, and the hips are neither too big nor too small. And it is moderately tapered.

This is a fit that will look good on any body type.

And It goes well with a variety of shoes, including sneakers and boots.

You can choose the same size as you normally do.


It is called carrot fit because of its strong tapered appearance.

The rize is semi long, the hips are semi large, and the thighs are semi wide. However, the strong taper

makes you look more stylish.The fit is very good with sneakers.

You can choose the same size as you normally do.


Mid-rise and mid-hip jeans. They are moderately tapered.

These jeans are a mid-range fit, so they will fit any body type.

The fit is very convenient for all day, every day wear.

We recommend that you choose the same size as usual.


Moderately semi short rise and moderately semi small hips.

Straight type and not thin hem, so it goes well with boots. It goes well with any shoes. It is a standard fit that you will never get tired of.

We recommend that you choose the same size as usual.


Longer rise, larger hips and gently tapered with a semi wide thigh.

The rise is long and the hips are large, so they are comfortable to wear, but the tapered shape makes them look stylish. And the fit is easy to match with any outfit.

You can choose a size 1 inch smaller for a tighter fit, or your usual size for a casual fit.


The rise is long and the fit is moderately large on the hips. There is a slight taper.

It is a slightly WIDE fit, but looks stylish and straight fitting.

We recommend that you choose the same size as usual.


This is the most WIDE type of our fit.It is a classic straight fit with a long rise. It has a slight taper.

It is a straight type like vintage.The overall fit is loose and stress-free, so you can wear it every day.

We recommend that you choose the same size as usual.It is also recommended to choose a size 1 inch larger and wear it oversized.

Order Notes

*Hand-woven jeans are produced after receiving orders from customers. Therefore, the jeans will be shipped 3 to 5 months after the order is placed.

*Because they are sewn by hand, there may be slight deviations from the size chart.

*We do not accept returns or exchanges.