Momotaro Jeans, Life Style

Momotaro Jeans, Life Style



---What is your profession?---

I am a businessman and also a professional financial advisor.

---What is your best hobby?---

My best hobby is also my passion. And it is fashion especially
slow fashion and everything in between rugged and casual style.

---How is the best way to spend your holidays?---

Talking about holidays, of course the best way to spend it is
going on vacation with your love ones. And I really want to visit
Japan again with my family after this pandemic is over.

---Are the Momotaro compatible with your hobby?---

Yes, Momotaro is one of my favorite brand and definitely one
of best brand I known out there.

---Which MOMOTARO products do you have?---

About Momotaro products, I owned two jackets (denim and
canvas), some workshirts (chambray, denim, and camouflage)
and some pairs of jeans as well.

Momotaro Jeans, Life Style        



---How did you meet MOMOTARO? And what is the first
impression for us?---

I know Momotaro from one of your retailer in Jakarta, LIMBRO
DENIM. They introduced your brands to me back in 2016 if I
am not mistaken. My first impressions was I really love the
details of Momotaro products and Momotaro also had very
unique range of products. That’s the main point of Momotaro,
for instance Momotaro did the collaboration with WESN for
pocket knife and also ORIS. To be honest it’s totally awesome.

---Which point is your favorite of MOMOTARO?---

My favorite point of Momotaro is of course it’s signature.
Those two lines stripes is really something. And it’s hard not to
notice that.

---Is there anything you would like to do in the future wearing

Talking about plans, then I guess I really want to wearing my
Momotaro jacket and go for road trip to Bali riding a bike.
That’s sounds pretty challenging.

---How do you feel when you wear MOMOTARO?---

I love my Momotaro denim jacket (type III), and when I wear it I
feel like I am relentless and I can do anything with it.

What is your particular about your fashion and style? In a word?---

As I mentioned before, fashion and style is my passion. Maybe
some people feel nothing to do with the outfit they wear. But
not me, I can say that I am the type of the guy who really pay
attention and concern to details of what I coordinate as an
outfit. Because for me, what I wear is what I am and what it
represents me to others.

---Why you are loving denim items?(not only about Momotaro)---

If we talk about denim, we talk about history, we talk about
rebellion, we talk about heavy metal music, we talk about
almost everything. Because denim probably the only element
that can be connected to many segments. And I think it is