Choose your belt buckle, engraving design, engraving position, and belt size. You can custom order a special one just for you with MOMOTARO JEANS' original indigo dyed belt.

Durable Benz leather

Benz leather is leather from the back and buttocks of a cow, and is the highest grade of cowhide. This part is known for its high density and strength, as it is the part that gets a lot of exercise and has the finest fibers.

"Natural Indigo" dyed by hand by artisans

The dyeing is done by hand, carefully by craftsmen.
Starting with making the natural indigo liquid, the craftsmen go through many steps such as natural indigo dyeing, rinsing, a second indigo dyeing, a second rinse, drying, hand-kneading, oiling, and color fixing, all of which are done by hand, one by one, while checking the color.


It is actually very difficult to dye thick, sturdy leather like Benz leather with indigo.
You may have seen thin leather dyed with natural indigo, such as wallets and key cases, but there are probably not many other products made with thick, sturdy Benz leather.
The subtle shades of natural indigo vary depending on the temperature and humidity during the dyeing process, so each finished belt has a slightly different shade. Please enjoy these differences as a taste of the attention to detail that comes from our handmade craftsmanship.

Natural Indigo dyed custom beltAS-58-AI

Material: Cowhide (Benz leather)
Specification: Natural Indigo dye
Size: Belt width: approx. 3.8cm / Thickness (leather thickness): approx. 4mm
Country of origin: Japan

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There are four areas you
can customize to create a special piece that suits your tastes.

1. Belt buckles (4 types)

The buckle can be said to be the face of the belt, and it determines the impression of the wearer.
You can choose from four types:[Silver square], [Brass square], [Silverround], and [Brass round].
Brass has a solid impression, while silver (brass plated with silver) has a refreshing and clean impression. There are rounded and angular shapes. Take your time to choose.

2. Engraved design (2 types)

You can choose from two types of embossed engravings that bring out the mature look: [MOMOTARO JEANS] and [KAMON].【MOMOTARO JEANS】emphasizes the simple and sophisticated atmosphere, while[KAMON]is a design reminiscent of traditional Japanese culture, giving the natural indigo-colored cowhide strap a unique Japanese atmosphere.

3. engraving position (total 2 types)

Top row: Near the tip of the belt, bottom row: Near the buckle
The engraved position [near the tip of the belt] is visible even when the belt is wrapped around your waist, making it a great styling accent. The engraved position [near the buckle] is not visible when the belt is wrapped around your waist, so you can enjoy wearing it discreetly, like a secret amulet that is just for you.

4. Belt size

We measure the length of the belt you normally wear and create a belt that fits your body perfectly. The perfect fit is a special feeling that can only be achieved by ordering a custom-made belt.


Natural Indigo-dyed cowhide belts change over time, and this process is one of their charms.
At first, the cowhide feels a little stiff, but as you wear it, it will become more flexible and adapt to your body, and an original color will emerge. We hope you will enjoy the changes over time as you wear it every day. The
color change will vary depending on the original dyeing, how often you wear it, how you store it, etc., so please use this as an example only.

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Your very own original belt with a striking indigo color.
It will be delivered in about 20 days after your order. Wear it
with your favorite jeans or pants .