Tops in hot weather can be very plain, can't they?
But you want to wear stylish tops even in hot weather, right?

In such a case, why not wear a Jacquard shirt?

Jacquard shirts are both cool, comfortable and stylish.

[What is Jacquard weaving?]

Jacquard weave is a woven fabric made on a Jacquard loom.
Jacquard weave can be used to weave fine patterns or large patterns that spread over the entire fabric. It is also a weaving technique that can produce a variety of complex patterns in one to 100 colors.
Since the pattern is created at the weaving stage, the fabric is thicker and more three-dimensional than printed fabrics.

The history of the Jacquard loom dates back to 19th century France.
Jacquard weaving was developed by inventor Joseph Marie Jacquard. Jacquard weaving is said to have revolutionized the world of textile design by making it possible for one person to do the work that previously required several people to do, and by allowing a variety of patterns to be created.

Jacquard weaving is a technique in which patterns are woven using "pattern paper," which is paper with holes in it.
Warp threads are drawn up through the holes, and the pattern is composed by the complex repetition of the warp threads.

06-107 Jacquard Dot Hawaiian Shirt

Dots, which tend to be cute, are expressed in a tonal jacquard weave, resulting in a calm design.

The fabric is made of 83% cotton and 17% linen, mixing the advantages of both materials: the ease of use of cotton and the coolness and breathability of linen.
In addition, the polka dots are made of a coarser weave mesh, which not only accentuates the appearance but also improves breathability.