Today I'm going to talk about the fading of the 15TH-anniversary left-hand twill.

What is your impression of the left-hand twill?
I was worried at first that I wouldn't get a cool fade.
But I was surprised when I saw how the color of the left-hand twill had faded. It's so cool.

Look at these crisp lines.

In general, left-hand twill tends to have a flat color fade.

However, MOMOTARO's left-hand twill has a darker indigo color than most, so the fades with a distinct shade.

In Japan, the term "tateochi" is used to describe a color fade with vertical lines.
This left-hand twill is a great example of "tateochi".

The weft is woven with brown yarn, so the back of the fabric is a little brown as shown in the picture. I really like this because it looks like vintage jeans.

If you are interested in this product, please check out the product.

Model:170cm 65kg

Jeans:15THL01 Size 32 Narrow Tapered