Introducing him

This is Kensaku, a friend of MOMOTARO.
He wore the 15th-anniversary model 15THB01 jeans for 8 months.

He wore these jeans five days a week for 8 months.
And he washed it 3th.

Let's see how his jeans fade.

He's 170 cm tall.
His weight is 65kg.
He wears size 31 jeans.


Questioned him.

---What do you like about these jeans?---

Broken denim is said to be a strong fabric. So the knee area is less likely to stretch than normal denim fabric.
Therefore, they will remain in a cool shape even after wearing them for a long time.

---Favorite fading part?---

I also like the aging of the brass button fly.

And I like the Selvedge.
The special pink, gold, and gold-colored Selvedge are used for the 15th-anniversary products.
I think it's really cool that the Selvedge still shines when the fades.

---How's the fit?---

Yes. I'm wearing "15THB01" Narrow Tapered jeans.
This fit is not too big or too small in the waist and hips, so it's just right. They look good in any style, so I can wear them every day.

---Lastly, what would you like to say to everyone?---

No other jeans are this fun to wear. I hope everyone will try them on.

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