Introducing him

This is Keita, a friend of MOMOTARO.
He wore the 15th-anniversary model 15THB21 Denim Jacket for 6 months.

He wore this denim jacket five days a week for six months.
And he washed it 2th.

Let's see how his denim Jacket fade.

He's 178 cm tall.
His weight is 70kg.
He wears a size 38 Denim Jacket.

Questioned him.

---What do you like about this denim jacket?---

MOMOTARO's regular denim jackets are made of right-hand twill denim, but this denim jacket is made of broken denim.
So it's a very durable fabric and cool. And the more I wear it, the softer the fabric becomes, making it very comfortable to wear.

---What kind of fade?---

I thought it would fade to a more beautiful blue than regular denim.

---Favorite fading part?---

I like the arms and cuffs because they are cool and fade.

---How about buttons?---

The buttons are special buttons made of brass.
The unique aging of the brass was very attractive.

---Lastly, what would you like to say to everyone?---

The fabric is cool, the fade is cool, the fit is good, and it's a special edition that you can only buy now.
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