We have created a special varsity jacket by combining the refined and luxurious Melton material with Indigo
leather. Ahead of its release in October, we are pleased to announce that pre-orders will be accepted starting
from 10:00 AM on August 18th, 2023.

Lot: MXOT1303


A jacket designed to be cherished and enjoyed for a long time, with the excitement of nurturing its
character. The sleeves are crafted from premium 1.2mm thick horsehide leather, dyed with the
challenging indigo dye using a special technique. The body features a double-woven heavy Melton
fabric, inspired by the Melton used in naval pea coats. By incorporating indigo-dyed leather, you
can savor a distinct varsity jacket that evolves beautifully over time.

Designed with simplicity to showcase the richness of the materials. Every detail and balance has
been meticulously adjusted over time, from the positioning of the Melton and leather contrast, to
the tactile feel of the Melton, the robust MA-1 style ribbed sleeves, and the cozy boa lining inside
the pockets (only on the hand side). The craftsmanship extends to the inside as well. With each
passing season, it will naturally meld with your body, becoming a lifelong masterpiece.


Heavy Melton
Melton is characterized by its thick, felt-like texture. It is woven and compressed from wool or similar yarns, with the fibers trimmed short, resulting in a fabric that exudes an elegant sense of luxury and offers excellent insulation. For this product, we’ve employed a double-woven, high-density Heavy Melton fabric. Its substantial texture is visually commanding, enveloping you in a weighty, classic ambiance. By incorporating 10% nylon, we’ve managed to slightly reduce the weight while enhancing durability. You’ll experience a blend of weightiness and a soft, tactile feel.

Indigo leather
Horsehide leather boasts suppleness and flexibility, and is known for its smooth touch. With a thickness of around 1.2mm, it offers easy wearability. The indigo-dyed leather will undergo shifts in its hue as you wear it, and its gloss will evolve, enhancing its character. Experience the unique patina that develops over time, just for you.


Starting from 10:00 AM on Friday, August 18th, 2023, reservations will

Reservations will be accepted at both our online shop and at various Momotaro Jeans store locations.

Availability will end once the planned quantity is reached.

Estimated Delivery Date: Scheduled for around mid-October 2023.

 • To place a reservation through our online shop, please proceed to checkout from
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 • Additional customizations are not available.
 • Repair services will be provided with the warranty certificate.
 • Returns or exchanges for reasons other than defects will not be accepted.
 • As this is a pre-order item, only advance payment methods are accepted (credit card
payment or bank transfer). For credit card payments, we will process the charge
within 7 days of order confirmation. For bank transfers, we kindly request payment
within 7 days of receiving the order confirmation email from our store. If we cannot
confirm the payment after 7 days, the order will be canceled.
 • Cash-on-delivery, pay-after-delivery (PayDee), and AmazonPay options are not
 • For any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us through the product details

A unique varsity jacket exclusively for MOMOTARO JEANS 23AW.
Limited production quantities, so don’t miss this opportunity to make a reservation.