23AW 15.7oz Selvedge BLACK DENIM Narrow Tapered

Adorned with refined charm, the color black.

Black jeans with a sophisticated and modern atmosphere, featuring a narrow-tapered silhouette that exudes
urban and contemporary vibes. With the unique fabric and meticulous attention to detail that only
MOMOTARO JEANS can offer, this simple black becomes something truly extraordinary.

Model: 176cm 65kg / 31in.

Intertwined deeply, black warp and weft threads. With a profound and chic presence, it gives the impression
of refined taste on the person wearing it. MOMOTARO JEANS’ original black-focused components are also
a highlight.

The Zimbabwe cotton used in the fabric offers a smooth and comfortable touch that becomes evident the
moment you put it on. With its hefty 15.7oz weight, you can also experience a solid and comfortable fit. Like
indigo, one of its appealing aspects is the gradual fading and aging over time.

When you fold up the hem, the original selvage adds a stylish accent. We invite you to explore various ways
of wearing and enjoy the versatility it offers.


The Narrow Tapered fit is characterized by a strong taper from below the knee to the hem, creating a slim straight silhouette. The rise is slightly shallow, providing a subtle room around the waist and reducing any feeling of tightness while achieving a beautifully tailored appearance.

Model: 173cm 54kg / 30in.




A meticulously designed pair of jeans with a focus on black color.

Embrace the allure of this 'special black' and make it yours.