Natural Indigo Dye Belt
Limited quantity
Dyeing is done carefully by hand by craftsmen.
Therefore, only 30 pieces can be made per month.
Since the leather is dyed by hand by artisans, the slight color of the indigo
color varies depending on the temperature and humidity when the leather is
Therefore, each one looks different from the other.
This is a very unique belt.

It is difficult to dye thick leather with natural indigo,
so the craftsman dyes it many times to get a deep natural indigo color.
You may have seen natural indigo-dyed belts before, but I don't think you have ever seen a product with such
thick benz leather dyed with indigo.
This profound indigo color can only be achieved with natural indigo dyeing.

Custom Size
so you can select the size that is perfect for you.
The size can be selected from 24 inch to 42 inch.

 Please measure the size with your belt.

Stamp de sign can be selected.
You can select from
" MOMOTARO JEANS "or" Peach Emblem ".

Select a position for the stamp.
You can select the position of the stamp near the buckle or near the edge of the belt.
Buckle selection
All buckles are made of brass.
You can select one of the following four types of colors and shape: gold with square   corners, gold with square corners, silver with square corners, or silver with no square   corners.


Get your own special belt.
Each belt is dyed by hand, so each one has a different look. You can also select the stamp design and buckle to make your belt the only one of its kind in the world.


・As written above, the craftsmen can only produce up to 30 of these belts per month.
So it may take about 20 to 25 days before it is ready to be shipped to you.
・The natural indigo color of each piece is slightly different.
You cannot select the color.