Best combination of indigo and black

These jeans were created with the theme of black and indigo combination.

Jeans in indigo and black fabric are now available.

The heaviness of the color is evident in the appearance.

They are blacker than indigo and bluer than black.

These jeans have such a unique presence.


The most unique detail of these jeans is the GTB line.

This GTB line is expressed in dark blue and black.

These jeans are painted dark blue by mixing indigo dyestuff.

Other features include indigo-dyed leather patches, perfect for indigo lovers.

The top button is black and the stitches are navy blue for more dignified look.


Ordinary denim uses indigo threads in the warp and white threads in the weft,

and the white threads are visible when the denim is turned inside out.

This item, on the other hand, uses indigo for the warp and black for the weft.

When you turn it over, you can see the black threads.

The indigo warp is the same as in the standard jeans,

Zimbabwe cotton dyed in deep indigo.

The weft yarn is a mixed cotton based on American cotton, sulfide-dyed black.

And they are 15.7oz.


Unlike black jeans, which use black yarn in both the warp and weft,

indigo is used on one side and black on the other,

creating a new hue that is different from both indigo jeans and black jeans.

The black yarn is sulfide-dyed, so you can enjoy the same fade as with indigo.


The rise is neither too short nor too long, and the hips are neither too big nor too small.

And it is moderately tapered.

These jeans look good, and fit any body type.

And It goes well with a variety of shoes, including sneakers and boots.