What do you focus on when choosing jeans?



The jeans presented here have great FADE and comfort.



A typical weight of jeans is about 12-14 oz.

The jeans introduced here are 18oz.

Do you know what's good about heavyweight jeans?

First of all, they look feel the stately atmosphere.

That and the fact that the fabric is durable.

But have you ever thought that jeans over 18oz are too stiff?

These 18 oz jeans are a convenient jean that retains the good aspects of heavyweight jeans while eliminating the bad aspects of heavyweight jeans.

Because, These jeans are made of Zimbabwe cotton. This cotton is unique in that its fibers are very long. Denim made from cotton with long fibers is softer than other denim. They become very supple as they are worn.

And jeans made of Zimbabwe cotton are durable.



This is the TIGHTEST type of FIT we have.

The rise is semi-short and the hips are semi-small.

And it is tapered towards the hem.

The fabric is a heavy oz, so it is recommended to choose one size larger than usual.

Model Wear



Size:30 inch

*This model usually wears 29 inch.

However, the model is wearing 30 inch for these photos.


The best aspect of these jeans is that they are Strong Fade.

The jeans in this image have been worn for two years.

Heavy weight jeans will have thick wrinkles.

So you can enjoy the fade with the thick and distinct crease.

Look at the Fade on the front hip.

It is a strong Fade.

This is not the case with light weight jeans.

This is only possible with heavy oz.

Let's all enjoy the fade of 18oz jeans together!