B-29 Going To Battle (GTB) Denim Mini Shoulder Bag

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Material Body: 100% cotton
Country of origin Japan
Features Shoulder bag


It is a mini shoulder bag of denim material.
It can be used by men and women with its plump and round design.

It can be used not only as a porch, but also as a shoulder strap, which can be used diagonally.
In addition, quick release buckles have been added for easy attachment and detachment.

In addition, the left and right sides of the body are equipped with gusseted pockets that can hold 500cc plastic bottles.
It is a mini-shoulder bag that is convenient to carry "all the contents of the pocket + α" and is perfect for a small outing.

* This product uses dark denim.
Please note that indigo dyes may transfer to clothing due to friction.

* This HP product is shared with the actual store inventory.
Please forgive when there is a selling difference by timing.
Also, there may be a slight color difference from the actual product depending on the setting of the monitor.
Please acknowledge it beforehand.

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Material Denim
Item Number B-29
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